Friday, October 30, 2009

A survey made me think

Earlier this week, I received a survey via snail mail asking questions about recent visit to the pediatrician.  I noticed the survey also had a website url, so I logged on to take the survey.  I think feedback is important and having worked in customer support organizations, I know the good companies at least review the statistical results of customer surveys, besides I a web survey doesn't even cost me the stamp.  As I was filling out the survey I was thinking about the service I get from our pediatrician. 

Over the past years we have had mostly good experiences with pediatricians.  One we really liked but he was NEVER on time.  I think the best case was getting in 30 minutes after the appointment was supposed to start.  With young kids this just doesn't work, no matter how great and knowledgeable the doctor.  Another doctor was knowledgeable and much more on time, but there was nothing special about him.  We seemed to be just another family...somewhat assembly line medicine.  Good care but no real warmth, and we probably would have stayed with that practice but we moved and were looking for more convenience.  After we moved to Westborough, we began to use the services of Dr. Waugh

Once you start working with a great pediatrician you realize how good they really are, and while thinking about the appointments we have had to fill out the survey, I realized all the points I like about him.

  1. Timeliness - My wife nor I have ever waited more then 5 minutes to be called once we arrived at the appointment.  This is consistent for well visits appointments as well as sick visits.  Not only are we called quickly, the doctor also arrives quickly after to the examination room.  For the readers with children you know, keeping things moving is critical to kids remaining happy.
  2. General manner - We have never felt rushed or confused with Dr. Waugh.  I consider myself an educated man, and I read up (mostly online) about the conditions or experiences I have with my kids, still I am not a doctor, I didn't put in the commitment of school and training to perform that highly complicated job.  Dr. Waugh is always willing to answer questions and explains things in ways I can understand...without me feeling like I am being talked down to.  He also never seems to rush us.  One appointment he took almost 30 minutes to explain an item we didn't grasp.  I also trust when Dr. Waugh tells us not to worry, he is very calming overall.
  3. Patient history - Dr. Waugh asked us to provide past medical records a week before our first appointment for the kids.  At that first visit, it was obvious that he read ALL of the history.  He recalled specific aspects and asked for clarification on items that seemed to be less then fully documented from other doctors.  Instantly it felt like we have always worked with Dr. Waugh.
  4. Technology - By now readers of this blog understand that I am somewhat of a geek, but I think anyone would be impressed with the use of technology in the Southboro Medical offices in Westborough.  From handhelds, to computers in each examination room.  Dr. Waugh is able to pull up records, reference past situations, and order prescriptions easily and accurately.  He uses technology to increase his efficiency and never as a substitute for knowledge.  It is the perfect mix.
  5. Hours - This is more a compliment to the Southboro Medical practice then just Dr. Waugh, but with two working parents weekend hours are critical.  Southboro has Saturday and Sunday office hours at the Southboro office location.  Every time we have used this extremely convenient service, we have continued to be impressed.  

I completed survey giving the practice and Dr. Waugh specifically glowing results, and as I thought about the questions and answers I realized I am lucky to have found such a great practitioner.  I recommend him to any parents or soon to be parents looking for a pediatrician.  At a time when our health care system is under fire and doctors are overworked and under appreciated, doctors are pushed and stressed and patients can feel the stress.  I am proud to be able to utilize a practice that services the patients and their families with such professionalism and care.  Going to the doctor is not stressful for my kids and that is a credit to Dr. Waugh and the team at Southboro Medical in Westborough.

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