Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fresh and Tasty

Last April I decided that it would be good for my family and I to eat more vegetables.  And if possible, expand the selection of items which I know I like.  This of course is the healthy decision for the whole family, but in reality my 2 year old and 4 year old don't expand much past chicken nuggets and mac and cheese so it was more for my wife and I.  I decided to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  There are two CSAs in the Boroughs that I know of. 

    Nourse Farm -
    Heirloom Harvest -

I originally applied to join the Heirloom Harvest CSA.  I knew nothing about either location, but Heirloom Harvest has done a better job when it comes to Google optimization so originally I didn't even know about the Nourse Farm CSA.  At the time when I applied, Heirloom Harvest was already full, the farmer, John Mitchell, sent a nice note saying we would be added to a waiting list and if they remained full he would contact us next season.  I did some more research and found Nourse Farm, so I applied there.

The application process for Nourse Farm is simple, decide if you want a full or half share, or a pick you own berries share, and fill out a form.  I emailed the form then called to give my credit card.  Cost for the entire season $600 for full share.  Twenty-two plus weeks worth of fresh vegetables.  And at times more then I could eat so some friends got to enjoy as well.

I don't know what I fully expected, all I knew was that I would get into better habits this summer eating more vegetables and my wife and I may be able to get the kids to try some new things.  I am shocked at how truly AWESOME the Nourse Farm CSA is.  I have shared my experience this summer with anyone I can find, as this gem of a CSA in Westborough should have its name in lights.

Reasons why Nourse Farm CSA is great:
  1. Berries, Nourse farm is the only Boroughs CSA that also includes berries.  Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, all fresh and delicious.
  2. Cost, even not eating vegetables regularly I know I spent more buying these same items at a grocery store.
  3. The vegetables beyond fresh, I often shop at Roche Bros which has very fresh vegetables, but there is a difference with Nourse Farm, the freshness is unmatched.  The flavor and crispness of the vegetables, and the delicious juice of the berries make my mouth water just writing this blog.
  4. Unlike most CSAs Nourse does allow you to select each week the items you want to some degree.  You can use your allotment to get more berries one week and more zucchini the next.  The flexibility is great and gives newcomers a way to try without feeling trapped.
One note for all the new subscribers to a CSA, the beginning month has a lot of lettuce.   The peppers and zucchini don't come till later in the season.  This again is why I was impressed with Nourse Farm, I can only eat so much lettuce but I can eat a ton of berries and having the berry aspect to their CSA really helped me find value every single week.

I also learned a few new dishes with the vegetables.  Being the cook in the family wanted to use the vegetables that I just received.  With a couple of online searches I learned to make bok choy and shrimp, spinach risotto, ratatouille, hot pepper and broccoli pasta, and homemade raspberry and strawberry jam.  All amazing if I do say so myself.

Both CSAs are now accepting applications for next year.  I will be rejoining Nourse Farm and I encourage everyone to take the time to check it out. Maybe I'll post a reciepe at some time as well.  My advice, don't miss out on what a CSA can offer.

Support the Boroughs, and enjoy the benefits!!!

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  1. I'm wondering if you continued with your subscription in 2010, and if you will continue in 2011? Thinking of joining, but having a hard time choosing between several options. I'd love to get in touch with you more directly to ask a few questions!