Monday, October 5, 2009

Mr. Kim Webster

This morning while at my sons' pre-school I bumped into Mr. Kim Webster.  I had to take a moment to share my experiences about Mr. Kim with anyone who happens to come across this blog.  When it comes to local children's entertainers, Mr. Kim is the best.

I first learned about Mr. Kim because through the pre-school my children attend.  He visits all the classrooms in their school on a biweekly basis.  He also works with the Marlborough public elementary schools, and I have seen him hired for several of the local festivals.   Mr. Kim resides in Grafton, but is definitely an active member of the Boroughs.  Now I know what a lot of parents are thinking...great another set of annoying songs that my kids enjoy.  I had the same thought process when my wife brought home the first CD over a year ago, but trust me on this one, Mr. Kim is different.

Mr Kim is not like so many of the over the top, only kids can sit through a concert entertainers.  Not only does he have a phenomenal ability to entertain kids, I see him as an educator, and his somewhat folky style is fun.  Let me elaborate; Mr. Kim preformed at my summer BBQ in 2009.  There were 37 kids at this event under the age of 8 (crazy I know).  Mr. Kim was the only "entertainment"  There was the playset and a bouncy house, but no clowns or movies, all I needed was Mr. Kim.  For over an hour every kid sat entertained on the lawn singing and laughing as Mr. Kim performed.  He had them engaged and mesmerized.  And all the while as he sings with his puppets, he talks about the basics of music theory, rhythms, and notes.  He shows a bell curve and has the kids sing along from low to high to low.  I am proud to see my 4 year old understanding notes and tracking his sounds to the curve, and not just because I was a band geek in a past life.

Here is some information on how to find Mr. Kim:

Mr. Kim just joined Facebook last week but as we talked this morning I know he is planning on using Facebook more to keep the public up to date on his performances and other events.  I know he performs at private parties as well as community events.

I encourage all the parents in the area with young children to take full advantage of a Mr. Kim concert if possible.  I am confident your kids will enjoy it.  And for those outside the area look into his CDs, "Children of the Sea" contains the Popcorn song which I have attached bellow.


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