Friday, October 23, 2009

Time for a party

I was on vacation the last couple of weeks so I haven't posted in a bit, but I am back and continuing my reports of experiences in the Boroughs.

Today's blog is about Taylor Rental in Westborough.  Now, I host/coordinate several large parties/events each year, some private and some for community organizations.  I have been doing things like this for several decades.  I enjoy having people over to my house, getting together at a venue, friends intermingling, and in general being the host.  To date I have not purchased *everything* that I would need for each event so I consistently rent the additional items.

I have also lived in a couple of locations west of Boston and used several rental agencies over the years.  AA Rental in Watertown, Taylor Rental in Sudbury, and Taylor Rental in Westborough are the ones I have used the most.  I typically will rent tents, bouncy houses, tables, linens, and sometimes karaoke equipment, but over the years I have come up with a few odd requests as well, a trailer to hold a float for the St. Patrick's Day Parade, multiple underwater pumps to create a fountain...and others. 

Through the years of service at other locations I always felt forgotten the minute I returned the equipment.  Even with repeated business I was just a number, until I moved to Westborough.  Gene, the owner of Taylor Rental in Westborough, runs his business as part of a community. 

It's trust...a feeling, something that is harder to quantify that makes me want to highlight Taylor Rental today.  It's how business was always done in my grandfather's generation.  A hand-shake meant your word, and both parties stuck to it.  When you talk to someone any agree both parties trust the other.So many people these days are so focused on getting the cheapest deal and are willing to sacrifice service and commitment in their business relationships.  When I talk with Gene at Taylor, I trust him.  He is a businessman, he supports his family and his employees like any other businessman does, but I don't feel that I as a consumer are being taken advantage of just to line his pockets.

I have rented items from Gene a total of 7 times in the past 3 years.  Every single experience has been positive.  Sometimes I am not sure of the things I need, Gene is willing to bring his experience to the table and help me make the right decision, not the most expensive decision.  Sometimes, it is last minute and I just have a moment to call him, the right item is ready and waiting.  Add to that quality, I have never had an issue with anything I have rented from Taylor in Westborough.  Every item was exactly as I expected, worked as described, clean and complete.  And Gene's team is professional and helpful, for next to nothing they'll deliver everything you need to the local area. But again it all comes back to trust.  I trust the people at Taylor Rental, I feel like they care a little that my event is successful, not just about the money I pay them.  Many businesses are like this, but too many are not.  I don't need a red carpet every time I enter, but I also don't expect to be unknown.  Ok, maybe once in a while a red carpet is nice too.  :-)

I am proud to return to Taylor Rental and support them as a local business, and I encourage you to do the same.  I am going back to setting up for my party this weekend.  If you take my advice and rent from Taylor, tell Gene, the Broughs Reviewer sent you and I wish you success in your events as well.

Taylor Rental Westborough
50 E Main St Westborough, MA 01581-1481
(508) 870-1990

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