Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why this blog? Why me?

The Boroughs are a great place to live and I am proud to call it my home.  I grew up in a small town where community was important.  The people of the town supported the local businesses and called them out when they weren't providing the services expected.  I know growing up that there were conversations between neighbors and town acquaintances every day, discussing the services, experiences, and events in the town.  Now in an internet age, we have retreated into our homes to watch tv with the family or play on the computer.  There are less face to face conversations, smaller groups of people that meet up at the diner, and especially among younger individuals, less people involved with the town.  I don't blame technology for this...I embrace it.  I may not sit at the local diner chatting with friends about my daily experiences, but I tweet about it, or comment on Facebook.  These medians are great but they don't allow for some real story telling and may not reach the general set of people who are interested.

So I decided to create this blog.  I hope to detail out some of the experiences I have had, highlight some of the great businesses in the Boroughs.  I am hoping to do this real time, but as I thought about the blog I have some stories stored up.  I'll try to reference dates for them as they are past events. 

As I said I am proud to live in the area  but even I have only explored a fraction of the services and stores.  I am not involved in a lot of organizations yet.  I don't consider myself an expert, a critic, or even an authority on what "should be".  I am an average guy, working in the tech industry in Cambridge, living in the Boroughs.  I am a father of two, a volunteer for some community events, and a patron of the great restaurants and quality businesses in the area.  I hope others will read and comment their own experiences about the Boroughs and hopefully we can promote the businesses that make the area great. 

Then again, it is possible that I will be writing just for the sake of writing.  I'm good with that too, as I said I am not special, just an average person that likes where I live and wants to support it.