Sunday, October 4, 2009


Flu season is upon us again.  So we are all in search of the standard flu preventions for ourselves and our families.  Today's Blog isn't actually about the Boroughs as there is yet to be a MinuteClinic at the one of the Boroughs' CVSs.  But Ashland is not that far away and they impressed me today.

As I have mentioned before I have two sons, one almost 3 years old, and one 4 1/2 years old.  Our usual pediatrician, who I love, did not currently have flu shots.  Ran out/waiting for more, I'm not sure.  My wife wanted to get flu shots over with to add some additional prevention and save us a possible series of sick in our household.  After some checking we found out my insurance is taken at the CVS MinuteClinics and they offer flu shots every day.

The closet MinuteClinic to my home was in Ashland on Rt 135.  This morning my wife wanted to catch an exercise class at the Y so I took the boys to Ashland in hopes of a successful, and quick, set of flu shots.  Personally, I have never gotten a flu shot in my adult life.  I never really get sick but this morning I thought better to do it with them then make the boys scared so I too partook in the festivities at the MinuteClinic.  Overall I am very impressed, to the point where I think I will look here first for future flu shots.

I walked into the CVS at about 10:40am.  I entered my boys information into the kiosk near the back of the store.  There were options to indicate additional people visiting at the same time, so I didn't have to reenter all information three times.  This shows some customer testing before they launched this service, which always makes me happy.  There was one person in front of me in queue on the machine.  I waited no more then 4 minutes for the woman to call my name.

The nurse practitioner confirmed information in the computer, entered more, took an image of my card and was ready to go.  Of course shots are not a favorite of most children, but they folks at the minute clinic were great, they talked to the kids, they tried to make them feel at ease, and grabbed them a cup of water when my youngest asked for it.  Real professional with courtesy, exactly what anyone would want at this type of place.  One in the leg for my youngest, the arm for my oldest, which I did need to bear hug him to keep him calm, but it was not a big deal and the nurse and the nurse practitioner, and they were great.

Start to finish times were:
6 minutes to enter the data for three people
4 minutes waiting
5 minutes of insurance information
2 mintues to prep and finish the 2 year old
4 minutes to calm and prep the 4 year old
1 minute for my shot as they watched
2 minutes to pay for the animal crackers we grabbed off the shelf and ate while in the clinic

24 minutes TOTAL

After some running around with the whole family today, we stopped back so my wife could get her shot.  Start to finish, that visit took less then 10 minutes, and my oldest even joined her to hold her hand.  We were trying to remind him it wasn't that bad.  Different nurses this time, but the same great service.  I am impressed overall any will have to do some more reading on what else they handle.

If you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, I recommend you check to see if there is a MinuteClinic near you, and maybe the CVS in Westborough will eventually add this, I know I would welcome it.

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