Sunday, June 6, 2010

Momma wants her body back

First, let me start this blog by saying, I am impressed with anyone who has the dedication to stick to an exercise routine and achieve results. I have yet to achieve this goal.  I have over the past couple of months tried a couple of the gyms in the area and once I complete the next couple I will blog on my set of experiences.

My wife on the other hand has always enjoyed exercise.  When she lived in Boston she walked everywhere and still went to the gym 2 or 3 times a week.  I have never had this kind of dedication to fitness, and unfortunately as I said, it shows.  :-)  My wife really enjoys instructor lead classes or group exercise programs.  Sure she works out on her own at times, but this seems to be her preference.

After the birth of our first child in 2005 my wife was in search of some program to help her drop the extra weight.  This was when she first found stroller strides.  Of course she tried a few classes at some of the local gyms, and the Boroughs YMCA still has a few classes she enjoys, but in terms of results nothing has compared to stroller strides.  At first I just got to hear the stories and see some of the results, but in 2007 the Metrowest stroller strides group held classes on Saturday mornings and invited significant others to join the class.  This is where I got some first hand experience.

For those unfamiliar, stroller strides is a total fitness program for moms that they can do with their baby/child in tow, rather push in the stroller.  When weather permits these classes are held outside at places like Hopkinton State Park and Assabet River Rail Trail.   In the winter and on stormy days classes have been held at the Natick Collection and other indoor locations.  The program includes power walking and intervals of body toning using exercise stretch bands, the stroller and outdoor environment. On top of all this fitness, the local stroller strides includes weekly organized playgroups, monthly Mom's Night Out and  lot of other fun things.  The Metrowest organization is lead by Laura Kimball. 

From my perspective...the results I see on my wife...I have been impressed with stroller strides.  At the risk of getting yelled at later I am going to share two photos with my readers.  The first photo was taken 2 months after the birth of our second child.  The second is after my wife compeleted about 7 months of stroller strides.

I have one other comparison photo from after the birth of our first child but I am sure that will get me in too much trouble to post publicly.   But stroller strides isn't just for moms with strollers anymore.

Recently the Stroller Strides franchise added a new program called Body Back.  This program is an eight week results based workout/meal plan program designed specifically for moms of all ages! Program includes before and after assessments, two HIIT (high intensity, interval training)workouts per week (this time without the kids) in the beautiful outdoors, full meal plan and food diary, online coaching/support group and Mama Wants workout video series to use at home.

For the husbands/significant others out there I offer the following advice about Body Back:
  • Once my wife really got into it, nothing could be overbooked on a Body Back night.  We have kids and I need to be home from work a little earlier two nights a week to cover kid duties.
  • In our house I usually do a lot of the cooking.  And I, like so many others, love a nice juicy bacon cheeseburger from the grill.  This program changed things and my wife has made dinner more nights a week then I have.  BUT dinner often consists of brown rice, lots of vegatables, and lean meats.   All good things, I admit, but not all the flavors I love.
  • If you're like me...a "big guy" and your wife is taking stroller strides you may start looking for a workout routine of your own.  Sure it may be enjoyable/exciting to watch your significant other bending and flexing to the videos at home, but trying to keep up is a whole different story.  :-)  To date I am still looking.
  • Finally, stroller strides and body back work so enjoy the benefit of a happy, healthy, beautiful partner.  :-)
For any of the mom's who read my blog, and are looking to get back in shape in the Boroughs area, I recommend you check out the Metrowest Stroller Strides below if Laura's info.  For all the husbands like myself...Thanks Laura.

Contact:   Laura Kimball - M.B.A. Fitness, LLC
(888) 514-2455


  1. I wouldnt try momma wants her body back. Not because it don't work but the company rips you off. They enroll you in a program even though you say no and charge you for it anyway. And then you call customer service and they are very rude and tell you you have to pay the shipping and handling plus your cost to ship it back for there screw up.

  2. The DVDs are NOTHING like the high intensity MWHBB boot camp classes which incorporates a 2x week instructor taught group class. I LOVE LOVE LIVE Lisas DVDs... The instructors running your classes out here in Washington State are crazy and do NOT take fitness levels and basic safety into account.
    If I had only used the DVD program I would have loved it. The inventor and instructor in the DVDs is realistic and offers modifiers for those of us starting out at a basic fitness level which as you get stronger you can change to the next intensity.
    The classes that myself and a friend paid for, pay NO mind to fitness level whatsoever. We were running at a ten pace for a half mile as a warm up the FIRST DAY, told to do one arm pushups, side and front planks in the full position ( on toes as beginners not allowed to use the half position), the second class we were running the ENTIRE class with kettlebells over our heads and no water breaks, one woman vomited on the sidewalk trying to push through. Two people in my class of Moms have back and leg issues and the exercises are just too intense for most if us as level 1 fitness participants. One gal in the morning group has also had to quit due to hurting herself during the high intensity workouts.

    If I would have been able to do the DVD series on its own, the program would have been / would be fantastic. But our instructor is a self proclaimed marathon runner and holds a dozen other different classes each week, and 75% of the participants in the group are as well.
    The $499 class is not worth the injury and not for the faint of heart, or fitness beginners. Boot camp equals injury for out of shape moms with weak core muscles and flexibility.
    I have a slipped disc and sprained ankle and can no longer go to the classes... I do NOT recommend this boot camp structure for the very out of shape beginner unless you plan to make a few Dr visits during the course of the class..eight weeks of hell.
    Stick with the DVDs. Lisa takes into account fitness levels for all..
    Why is there such a HUGE difference between how Lisa teaches on the DVDs and what seems to be this INSANITY boot camp style that the individual instructors are charging for? Are they taught to do it this way? Lisas way seems much safer and realistic for new fitness Moms.

    1. As in instructor her in WA state, I am SO sorry you had that experience!! I can attest that that is NOT how we are trained, and it saddens me to no end that you were treated like that. Body Back is a high intensity program, yes, but it should be high intensity at YOUR level. A beginner or injured mom's high intensity looks very different than high intensity for someone that has been working out for a longer period of time. I'm glad you like Lisa's DVDs - I enjoy them as well. Please accept my apologies for your instructor, and know that we are not all like that!!

    2. Also as an instructor here in WA State, I wish you would tell your instructor all of the above! I feel really sorry you had such a bad experience; it should have been life changing and inspiring, which is what we are trained to bring to you! Hopefully you will give it another chance at some point...don't hold a grudge, please please please. As Kristy mentionned, we are not all like that!

    3. As a participant, I lost over 16 pounds in the 8 weeks of my Body Back session and continued to lose weight by using the food guidelines and staying active. When I started Body Back, I had been doing Stroller Strides for 2 months and was generally active. I have major arthritis in both of my knees and EVERY exercise was modified for me. No one ever puked in my session, no one was denied water, everyone was encouraged to challenge the notion of what they "could" and "couldn't" do. I'm so sad to hear that you had that experience, but my instructor in WA state was amazing, accommodating, and life-changing.

    4. I am another WA state participant and cannot say enough how much instructors here take seriously the limits each mama has. I came into Body Back fit, but just out of PT for a major shoulder injury, and each and every exercise was modified so I could do it without reinjuring myself. That was ALWAYS my instructor's main concern (even more than it was mine, many days). No one EVER had to run faster than they could, and we simply leave no mama behind. Body Back is a life changing program; I am the strongest and fittest I've ever been in my life, courtesy of this amazing program.

      I'm about to become a Body Back Pro, and I can truly promise that while I'll challenge the notion of limits, I'll always consider actual, real, physical limitations.

      I'm SO sorry your experience was less than great. I'd encourage you to contact Stroller Strides corporate and express your opinions and concerns. I know they'd like to hear them and be aware.

    5. From the specific details in your comment (gotta love that kettle bell workout!), I’m assuming we were in the same session of Body Back offered by Kristin Neudorfer of ActiveWoMOM Fitness and I have to jump in here because I don’t believe this is how Kristin’s classes ever were conducted. I’ve been so satisfied with my results that I’m currently in the middle of my third session.

      Whenever I go to a Body Back class, I’m prepared to push myself and give my 110%. When I started, I hadn’t worked out in nearly a year because of a difficult pregnancy. The first couple weeks were some of the hardest classes I’ve ever done. I didn’t want to come back. The assessment did include a half-mile run at a “10” pace, but the “10” pace is your pace and looks different for every person. It might be a 3:45 sprint, it might be a jog/walk, it might be a power walk. The expectation for all the exercises is the same: give your 110%. If you can only do two push-ups, that’s fine, but keep fighting for more. If you can only hold a plank for five seconds, that’s fine, but keep fighting for more. We are pushed to our limit, but that is where change happens! I don’t recall anyone vomiting because of working out too hard (maybe you’re thinking of me when I had the stomach flu?), or being denied water.

      Body Back is hard. It’s the hardest workout program I’ve ever done (and I’ve done a lot of different things), but it’s also the only program where I’ve seen such incredible results. And as for safety and injuries, Kristin always offers modifications or alternatives. I’ve struggled with wrist issues since my last pregnancy and mid-way through class, I often can’t do any plank exercises. Kristin always modifies with a band or has me do something else. She does the same thing for people struggling with other things – a weak core, a sore knee, etc. I’ve never felt pressured to push through the pain or that my injury has not been taken seriously. Kristin cares deeply about each client and their personal circumstances.

      I’m sorry that Body Back didn’t work for you because it’s been a life-changing experience for me – both physically and mentally. I will continue to recommend Body Back with ActiveWoMOM Fitness to all my friends.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    I work for Stroller Strides Corporate and we train and certify Body Back Pros. I would urge you to contact us ( or 866.348.4666)regarding your experience if you prefer not to speak with the instructor directly. That is certainly not how we train our Pros and we will make sure that the instructor you worked with is reminded how to work with participants of all fitness levels and ensure that safety guidelines are followed. I do apologize that you had that experience and as others have said, that should not have been your experience. I will say, that Body Back is a high intensity class and is more intense and challenging than the Mama Wants Her Body Back DVD's. I am so glad that you enjoy the DVD series and hope that you will continue to use the Mama Wants Her Body Back DVD program. Thank you!

  4. I am in absolute lo e with my body back fitness regimen!! It is my second round after absolutely amazing results!! After having 2 children and both being csections, I ended up weighing 233 lbs at the peak of my second pregnancy. When I started body back I was at 207 lbs and am currently under 190 and down three full inches off my waist!!! I wish everyone can have the same amazing experience as I did. I love my trainer and her positive outlook and amazing, results based workouts. With her, its so much more then a workout. I too am in Washington state and I lo e being outside and working hard in the crisp morning's. I wish I could properly express my deep gratitude for getting my body and mind back and healthier then ever. I do the DVDs but they are nothing like the amazing high intensity workouts we do in the morning. I lo e love feeling stronger by the day when I push myself. I had a toe injury the other week and my trainer totally helped my modify the few exercises that effected. it. I hope everyone gets to eventually have the experience I had.

  5. I am sorry to hear your opnion of the Body Back program.

    I am on week three and have quite the opposite opinion.

    The class is tough and at times, the instructor can be tough. However though, that is why I signed up for the $399, 8 week program. I want and need to be encouraged to do the best that I can do. It is very easy to tell yourself you can't do it. Again, that is why many of us need an instructor to tell us "yes you can!"
    Our instructor has always been positive and encouraging =) When someone in the class has had an injury, she reminds us to be the "best YOU can be." I take that to mean, do your best, try your hardest but do not kill yourself trying to do better than someone else.

    As far as the DVD, I like that it is a little different from the class. I would not feel the desire to go to class, if the DVD was enough. It is not enough if you are trying to keep improving yourself and your workouts.

    We are all responsible for ourselves.

    I think the program is a guideline that you can form to fit your needs.

  6. I am starting my 3rd week of Body Back and love it. Is it hard... hell yes! I did the kettle bell workout on monday and my arms are still sore :) but I am also so proud of myself that I did it. Our instructor pushes us, encourages us and helps us realize we can do more. She realizes that everyone has a diffirent 100% and cheers us on to do our best. It's been a great class

  7. I am currently in the middle of my first session of Body Back. I love my trainer Kristin Neudorfer with ActiveWoMOM Fitness. I believe you get out of the class what you put into it. I come each time ready to give 110% and that is what I get back. Kristin encourages me to push myself to be stronger and reach my goals that I have set for myself. She always offers modifications to exercises if they are needed and reminds people that each person is at a different level. My level 10 my be completely different than someone else and she totally knows that.

    I have seen many of my friends do Body Back and all of them have had fantastic results. In only a few short weeks I have seen results in not only my physical strength and weight loss but also in my inner self.

    I am sorry that Body Back was not a fit for you. I again feel that you have to be ready to commit to it 100% and be ready to give that each time. I will continue to refer people to Kristin Neudorfer with ActiveWoMOM Fitness.

  8. I tired to order the program...gave them my info and before they told me how much I would be paying they sent me to a cruise line......I called and canceled everything....

  9. I haven't started the program yet because I was in the middle of moving so I hope it is as good as the review say. I do, however, take issue with the automatic enrollment to "something" that is deep in the terms and conditions and reads as follows: " Video/DVD customers will receive two new workout videos or DVDs at the reserved price of $19.99 per month, plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Customers may cancel all future shipments at any time by calling Savvier's customer service at 1-800-280-5574. To receive a refund on a shipment made prior to cancellation, just return the merchandise, as mentioned earlier in this Satisfaction Guarantee." That should be displayed prominently on the website and not hidden in the 3rd or 4th paragraph of the terms and conditions.

  10. I would not recommend the program because it is quite costly and it has a lot of faults to it. I think you should also consider the time since I am a single mom.

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