Monday, June 14, 2010

Checking out the Big Trucks

Last Saturday was the annual big trucks day at the Northborough at the Algonquin high school.  I almost missed the event but some friends mentioned it on Friday and our plans allowed the addition without difficulty.  Maybe where I grew up there weren't enough big trucks or maybe in my home town the DPW didn't need community support.  Whatever the case I never got to attend this type of event growing up, but my sons LOVE the big trucks.  I try to catch these type of things whenever I can.  Although Saturday overall was pretty wet, the rain held off most of the morning and my family was lucky to not only enjoy the event but also remain dry.

I have to commend the Public Works Department, as they lined up a great row of trucks for the kids to sit in, walk around, and of course take photos with.  It is funny how much a 5 year old enjoys a photos where the tire is taller then he is.  I personally enjoyed the street cleaner, not sure why but they seem fun.   My oldest got tricked on the street cleaner.  For most of the trucks he got in line or went to the drivers side to climb up into the truck.  He then "asked" his younger brother to go to the other door.  This way he could always drive first.  The street cleaner drives from the right side of the cab so the youngest got to first.  My oldest wasn't ready for that and got all confused when he got into the truck.  :-)

Although focused for Northborough and Southborough my Westborough family crashed the event, and we were happy to contribute the $10 per family to help continue these events.  I did think it was also an interesting bit of unintentional planing that right next to the tent where you can buy t-shirts and give you donation, there was one truck that was missing a large chunk of the seat and was showing it's age on the inside.  A subtle hint for anyone who was trying to ignore the donation tent.

Thank you to the DPW and for those who missed it, I have added a couple of photos for others to see the event.

Northborough recreation also hosted its first ever community wide yard sale at the event.  I have enough kids stuff, used and forgotten books and toys, and general junk to feed a summer's worth of yard sales so I try to avoid yard sales in general.  But I did notice sign after sign on my drive to the high school.  The community was definitely taking advantage of the advertising for this event all over town.

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