Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Local Music - Lori Diamond

Over the years I have had the good fortune to meet and become friends with several musicians.  Not rock/pop stars, but talented artists sharing their stories and emotion with their fans.  I always admire their dedication and passion.  Sure, I wish I had more musical talent myself, but my occasional karaoke attempt or my high school years playing trombone are all the music I have personally.  What I am talking about are the tons of great artists locally working to share their sound and talent.

On May 20th I had the opportunity to experience Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli at the Bull Run in Shirley MA.  Lori's music style is Acoustic / Soul / Folk, a deviation from my normal 80's hair bands but so impressive it was well worth broadening my tastes.  This was the third time I got to catch Lori and Fred and every time I think I become more impressed with their talent.

The first time I saw their act was at The Java Room, in Chelmsford.  This performance really wowed me.  First, Lori has a beautiful voice, it resonates emotion and really reaching into the core of the listener.  The second reason is kind of unique.  I have attended lots of local acts at bars, coffee shops, even entrance halls, and everyone always has some sound issue.  Too loud for the space, not balanced compared to the activities, or not clear enough to appreciate the music.  Lori's performance at the Jave Room was the first I have ever attended where the sound was PERFECT.  I truly mean perfect.  As I sat and enjoyed brunch with my family, the music was clear but we could still talk.  And the conversations from other tables didn't detract from the music.  As we walked to the car I kept commenting to my wife about the impressive music balance.  Finally, and I know this is most artists, Lori is so appreciative of any of her fans.  She is so sincere in her appreciation and makes and effort to visit with the people who come to see her play.  It really makes the experience so personal, just like the music.

The video below is a combination of a couple of excerpts from Lori and Fred's performance at the Bull Run last month.  Even on my poor video quality Blackberry you can get a taste for the music.

If you are looking for a relaxing Sunday brunch and Lori is playing at the Java Room, I encourage everyone to make the trip.  Also here is a link to Lori and Fred's 2010 schedule of performances.


  1. I love Lori Diamond. I caught her at a cancer benefit show last year in Milford. She was amazing. You are so right to highlight her.


  2. Thank you, the pleasure is ours!!

    Peace and light,
    Fred (Lori's Wingman & Sound Engineer)

  3. Wow...thank you so, so very much!!!!

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