Sunday, January 10, 2010

A tale of two Karaokes - Part 2 - Cheng Du

Although the karaoke side of my night at Havana House was not the highlight of my week...I still had karaoke burning inside, just aching to get out.  I was in search a local place to slaughter a song or two.  As I was driving down rt9 I noticed the Cheng Du sign announcing karaoke from 10 to 1 Saturday night.   In my three years in Westborough I have yet to try Cheng Du so my wife and I decided to invite some friends and have dinner at Cheng Du and stay for the karaoke.  I think this may have been my best decision this week.
Let's start with the dinner...we all loved it.  Great food, great service, and I don't feel like it put a pinch on my wallet.  I really enjoyed the chicken chow foon and the kung-pao shrimp.  It was great Szechuan/Mandarin diner, there is really no other way to put it.  Mr. Tang, the owner, stopped by to say hello and check on our meals.  Overall the service was great, always a waiter was filling the water, checking to see if we needed more to drink or clearing empty plates out of our way, and the food was delicious.  And the best way to follow a great dinner is to to sing a little that is just what we did.

The bar area at Cheng Du was packed just after 10 as the karaoke began.  We were lucky to find a table to sit at.  The setup works well for karaoke, one screen to read from and a big screen with videos in the background that everyone can read from.  It was more conducive to a karaoke show then some venues I have visited.  The guy running the karaoke did an awesome Elvis impression and filled a few songs in the beginning as people put in their selections with his own vocal stylings.  I labored a bit on this blog to find some way to describe the night and I just kept coming up lame repeated phrases...packed bar, lots of I took a decided to show you some samples instead.  I love my Flip camera, but in the low light it does get a little grainy so the video is not perfect.

I hope you enjoy, and I plan on visiting Cheng Du for a performance of my own sometime soon.  I hope to see you there.

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