Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not Your Average Dinner and a Movie

Our favorite sitter is in town, along with the other college students on winter break, and we are taking full advantage.  In fact we have been "out on the town" 4 times in the last week. Movies and dinners are fun, and getting out without the kids is important sometimes. Last night my wife and I had plans to go out with another couple, unfortunately they canceled so we had to shift plans.  Last minute plans in the Boroughs on a snowy day are somewhat limited.  We decided dinner and a movie would be fun.  We got a chance to see "Avatar" and "Up in the Air" earlier this week, so next on the list was "It's Complicated".  Sitter arrives at 6 and the movie starts at 7:40.

Our first thought was to stop by Chipotle and sneak something good to eat into the theater, it worked great for Up in the Air, but there was no need to rush tonight.  There was enough time for appetizers at one of the great local restaurants.  We decided on Not Your Average Joe's.

This was the best decision for the evening we could have made.  I have long been a fan of Not Your Average Joe's in Westborough.  Another casual, kid friendly restaurant that serves great food.  I spent a lot of lunches last summer at NYA Joe's and got to know Seth Caplan, the general manager.  Beyond the bread there is a lot to like about NYA Joe's in Westborough.  But tonight I found something new.  NYA Joe's can help save you money.

As I walked in I was greeted by Seth.  I mentioned we were stopping in to have appetizers before a movie and he asked if we had bought our tickets yet.  Maybe I am the only one who didn't know this, but you can buy movie passes for the Westborough cinema with your meal at Not Your Average Joe's...and they cost $7.50.  I know it is only a total of $6 savings for my wife and I but it felt great.  I was ecstatic and it set the tone for a great evening.

I also found out that if you bring your ticket stubs into Not Your Average Joe's after the movie, they will give you a 15% discount on your after movie meal.  I have to add these as others reasons I love NYA Joe's in Westborough:
  • I think I mentioned the bread before... but just to reiterate, I love the bread.
  • Across the menu, the entrees are great.  And it seems Seth is constantly refining the menu, adding new specials and creating new dishes.   I used to stick with a few basic items when I went out to eat.  Over the past couple of years I have been trying more specials, and 90% of the time I have been pleased.  Last summer I tried the Chicken Oscar when it was a special.  NYA Joe's Chicken Oscar is amazing, and has now become one of my favorites. 
  • Here is the most important point.  Service.  This is what this blog is all about, finding great experiences in the local area.  I have been to NYA Joe's at least 15 times over the past two years.  I have never experienced poor service at the Westborough restaurant.  It didn't matter is I was there for lunch, dinner, or late night...a full meal or drinks and appetizers at the bar.  I consistently have a great experience.  From the hostess to the servers, the bartender to Seth himself, it is obvious that everyone cares about my experience when I am there.  I had been putting together a short video for the Taste of the Boroughs event about Not Your Average Joe's in Westborough.  Here you can hear it from Seth, his staff, and patrons directly.

As for our evening, after appetizers we had a great time at the movies.  A true local date night made not your average with the help of Seth and the team at Not Your Average Joe's in Westborough.

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