Thursday, December 3, 2009

Roche Bros Catering

I love to cook, and I love to entertain.  A great combination but over the past couple of years I have started using Roche Bros for almost all of the events where I am providing the food.  I like to show off and I pride myself on being a good cook, but Roche Bros provides better food at a reasonable price through their catering department.  It makes more sense for me to focus on other aspects of my parties and with Roche Bros catering I am confident that the food I ordered will impress my guests and enhance the event.

I will admit that so far my experiences have been focused on cheese platters or hot and cold appetizers.  I haven't tried the entrees, salads, or desserts but based on my experience I would be willing to try any of them.  I am 100% satisfied with what Roche Bros catering in Westborough has provided so far.  Here are some specifics as to why:

  • Quality - The food is great.  At one annual party I order honey stung drummies, bacon wrapped scallops, sesame chicken, fried mozzarella and ravioli, coconut shrimp, and beef teriyaki skewers.  Every item was delivered hot, fresh and was very tasty.  At several other events I have ordered the European cheese classic which includes Camembert, plain, pepper and herb Brie, Danish Havarti and Fontina.  This platter is amazing.  Everyone loved it so much at one party, attendees asked if I had found a gourmet cheese shop.  I was happy to direct them to Roche Bros. 
  • Selection - There is an almost overwhelming number of options from Roche Bros catering. They also just redesigned their catering menu, Roche Bros Catering, to highlight all of the options.  I had trouble choosing what was right for my first event but I talked to Denise, the catering manager, and she took the time to cover options the would fit my event.
  • Service - I have mentioned many times, that service is often the most important aspect to anything I do.  Denise is obviously committed to serving her customers.  Denise and I have talked several times while I plan my parties.  Each time she find new ways to be helpful.  One party I even asked her deliver the food in two batches to help manage the event.  She was more the willing to accommodate the request.  The delivery drivers are also courteous and efficient.  When they arrived they even took a moment to help get things set up.  They even took away the boxes for me as I set up the displays.  Obviously this is more then the standard drop off services.  It shows that customer service and repeat business is critical to their management and employees. 
For my grocery needs I am not exclusively a Roche Bros shopper, but I frequent the store.  For my catering needs, Roche Bros has become my go to location.  The Roche Bros in Westborough, and the corporate Roche Bros organization, strive to be more customer service focused then others.  And I am proud to say I feel they are committed to the community.  There have been several articles and blogs about the community support Roche Bros offers and my experiences are no different. 

Through some of the community organizations I participate in, I have gotten to know Kevin Fry, the manager at the Westborough Roche Bros.  Kevin consistantly deminstrates support for the area.  He seems proud to contribute to community events and support the Boroughs.  This is exactly the type of business and manager the Boroughs deserves.  And these interactions that make me proud to patronize the store in Westborough.


  1. Recently created promotional video for Roche Bros. and the 2010 Taste of the Boroughs

  2. Second promotional video for Roche Bros. and the Taste of the Boroughs.

    This video includes the new manager for the Westborough store.

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