Sunday, December 6, 2009

Packed into the Vin Bin

I may be in the minority here, but I am happy to greet winter and our first lasting snow.  After lots of running around today I stopped in Marlborough to visit Rick at the Vin Bin.  I wanted to try one of the Beer Cookies that he will begin carrying this week.  Unfortunately Rick was out of samples and I'll have to wait till Tuesday for my first taste of the beer cookie.  I may have failed in my quest for a beer cookie but I succeeded in walking into a wine tasting.
The Vin Bin, a long time supporter of many community events and activities was running a wine tasting to help raise funding for the Marlborough High School 2010 Seniors All-nighter.  The All-nighter is an alcohol- and drug-free event following the Senior Prom. Funding for this event comes entirely from the community, the school district does not provide monetary support for this event.  I love the irony ...holding a wine tasting to support an alcohol free event.  But it is a great event and the tasting was a lot of fun as well.

I really enjoyed talking to a fellow residents sampling the wine that Rick had on special.  The Vin Bin was packed with people as you can see by the photos I snapped with the blackberry.  Rick, as usual, did a great job of pulling out all the stops for the event.  There were several great wines to taste, with special prices for tonight ranging from under $15 to around $50.  

The Vin Bin also had a great cheese and cracker assortment for everyone to enjoy.  And, one of my personal favorites, dark chocolate covered pretzels.  Rick mentioned that he had several events planned for the upcoming weeks, too many to mention here, but I am happy to pass on the link to the Vin Bin event calendar. I have been to several Vin Bin tastings over the past 5 years.  Rick really does a nice job with the tastings and consistently supports the organizations in this area.  .

I enjoyed the MHS event and I am proud to have stumbled upon a way to support them.  Thank you Vin Bin.  And Congrats to the organizers of the All-nighter for getting the word out.  I'll even help, the next opportunity that I know of to help support the All-nighter is:

Tuesday December 15th
Bertucci's of Marlborough

The Vin Bin had a flyer on the counter advertising the next MHS All-nighter events at Bertucci's of Marlborough..  If you present this half sheet of paper on any purchases at Bertucci's in Marlborough on 12/15 10% of your bill will be given to the MHS Senior All-nighter.  This is valid for carry-in or take out.  Reading this online makes it hard to have the flyer, so I scanned mine to make it as easy as possible to support these efforts.  If anyone from MHS reads this, please feel free to comment with a link to other events.  Hopefully Bertucci's will be happy with the printed I did a little searching on-line but failed to find a listing of the fundraising activities for this event.

I just opened the bottle of Riesling I picked up at the Vin Bin tonight, time to sit back and relax.

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