Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is there a key lime yogurt shortage?

I know this is a slight diversion to my usual blog but after talking about Roche Bros catering, the events this evening fit the theme of local supermarkets.  My wife stopped on the way home from work at Stop and Shop to pick up a couple of items.  One item we hoped to pick up was key lime pie yogurt, but there was no key lime pie yogurt for us this evening.

Let me explain some background first...I have mentioned in past blogs that my kids are extremely picky about what they will eat.  Breakfast is no exception.  A typical breakfast includes a bagel or toast, yogurt, and/or Cheerios...simple/basic/reasonably nutritious.  We used to have different kinds of yogurt when the kids were infants, all flavors of yo-baby were acceptable.  As we shifted to regular Yoplait yogurt, we tried to include several flavors to maintain the variety the kids were used to.

At some point my oldest tried key lime pie Yoplait yogurt and decided all other flavors were inferior.  Although it is quite sweet, there are far worse things to be a breakfast standard so we didn't fight when he stopped wanting any other flavor.

Now to my question and the topic of this blog...are all the kids in Westborough focused on key lime pie yogurt.  I consistently can't find key lime pie flavor original Yoplait.  Consistently to the point where I have been keeping track.  In the past 4 months 18 of our 24 visits to the three Westborough grocery stores resulted in failure to find the key lime pie flavor.  There are great sales rotating through Roche Bros and Stop and Shop every couple of weeks, 20 yogurts for $10.  Every time I catch this sale and a store stocked with key lime flavor, I buy the entire shelf because all too often I can't find this flavor.  I am sure that contributes to the shortage, but is everyone out there on the same quest?  Most other flavors always seem to be available.

Tonight was another instance when we came up empty handed in our search for key lime pie.  A note to the stores in the area, it may be time to order more.  :-)

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  1. Hello-
    My name is Arthur Ackles and I am the Marketing Director at Roche Bros. Supermarket. First and foremost, thank you for the nice review of our Catering Service. I looked into the issues you are having with the Key Lime Pie yogurt and it turns out that the only issue is that we can't keep it on the shelf. It is one of our top sellers!! If you dont see any , please ask the store manager as it is probably out back. Also , if you see the store manager , he can hold a special case for you when you come in. Thanks for the comments!