Monday, October 18, 2010

Westboro Variety adds deli

I am sure everyone noticed the shift this past summer from a White Hen to a 7-11 in the center of Westborough.  To me 7-11 was an improvement, maybe it is the nostalgic memories of me and my high school friends grabbing Slurpees so many years ago, or maybe it was my experience the one or two times I stopped at the White Hen it seemed like the prices were extremely inflated compared to other gas station convenience stores.  But for most adults this is probably a downgrade. 

As near as I can tell, 7-11 is targeted at high school and college age individuals who are in love energy drinks and have the metabolism to handle over processed microwavable food.  I as expected do not fall into this category.  Others similar to me found a big disappointment in the target market to be  the elimination of the deli sandwich counter that was part of White Hen.  Now, I had never eaten at the White Hen deli counter and based on what I saw it wasn't overly appetizing but I can see how it was a quick sandwich at a reasonable price.  Previously anyone local could stop in and get lunch without needing to drive out to NY Deli on RT9 or Regatta Deli & Sandwich under the tracks off Rt30.
Luckily after 7-11 removed the deli counter, Westboro Variety stepped up to support these customers.  About a month ago Westboro Variety added a  Dietz & Watson deli counter.  I admit I never noticed Westboro Variety before and would have never thought to check it out, but friends at Horizon Information Services had tried the new deli counter and said I should check it out.  Not only did I check it out but I had to write about it.

I stopped in at about 1:30PM on a Tuesday and was greeted by Damelyn (I am sure I spelled her name wrong and apologize should she ever read this).  Damelyn informed me that she makes the best sandwiches that I have ever had so how could I say no.  I have to say, it was a great sandwich.  I asked for turkey, bacon, cheese and a little BBQ sauce on a roll.  There are a couple of things that made this sandwich so great.

First, the meat was sliced fresh, and not fresh this morning, but fresh at that moment.  There weren't tins of meat pre-sliced and ready...Damelyn created a fresh sandwich for me.  Second, rather then understocked shelves that I am used to seeing at many stores mid day, Westboro Variety had a full selection of chips to go along with my sandwich.  Finally and possibly the most impressive, my sandwich was $3.99.  It was a big sandwich for next to nothing.

I have been back twice to see if my initial success was repeated.  I am happy to report each time I visited, I enjoyed a fresh, delicious, filling lunch for very little money.  I don't think I would have ever stopped in Westboro Variety if I hadn't been told to try it, but I am very happy I did and I encourage anyone else looking for a quick tasty lunch in downtown Westborough.  Thank you to Horizon Information Services for the suggestion.

Side note:  I realized through this that I never actually ate at NY Deli or Regatta Deli either so I am going to try to visit them sometime as well, but for now my next quick lunch in Westborough will be Westboro Variety.

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