Sunday, October 24, 2010

Central One FCU - A welcome addition

Big banks, local banks, credit unions…with the economy and all the media coverage over the past two years, it is hard to think of a bank with a good reputation.  Most of my experience with has fortunately been with credit unions and overall it has been positive.  But I too have had my share of frustration. 

For the past ten plus years my primary credit union has been DCU.  I used to proudly proclaim repeated great experiences with DCU.  The last two years my experiences with DCU have gone downhill.  Now, I realize there are a lot of regulations that every financial institution needs to follow but every interaction seems less and less personal.  For some time I just ignored my frustrations as I knew DCU was better then some of the larger banks.

Then just over a year ago, construction began on the new Central One FCU branch in Westborough.  Originally I didn't think much of it, but I was shopping for a new car loan and stopped in to see what they could offer.  Their loans rates were as good as anyone else at the time, maybe slightly better, but the things that really got me was the staff.  When I entered the branch I was greeted by the branch manager David Kaiser.  We got to talking about the community and his thoughts on being in Westborough.  David is definitely proud to be part of this community.  He and I got to talking about Central One, the community, and how he was eager to be more and more a part of Westborough.  All things I was happy to hear as get excited when businesses and individuals look at us as a community and want to involve themselves as much as possible.

Since this first meeting I have gotten to learn more about Central One FCU and experience first hand how they do business.  I have to say I think i may have found a new credit union, and what was originally my car loan I want to become more.  Things like being open at 7AM.  I do sometimes need to stop into a branch but working in Cambridge doesn't make it easy for most banks.  Westborough Central One FCU is open Monday through Friday at 7AM.  Sure they are open on Saturday as well, but I try to focus my weekends on spending some family time.  And I want to add every time I visit the Westborough branch or even talk to them on the phone, I am not treated as a number.  There is legitimate recognition in their voices and knowledge of who I am and the accounts I am involved with.  To me, stopping at the Central One FCU branch in Westborough is like stopping to say hi to a friend. 

The last time I spoke with David he mentioned he was planning a week long one year anniversary celebration of Central One being in Westborough.  On my way back from Lazers soccer practice yesterday morning I stopped in to find out what is going on.  I am amazed at how much is planned for this week and I wanted to share some of the details.  This is all from the flyer I picked up and it is not a complete list of activities.  I encourage everyone to stop by on their own and see what else is planned.  Overall there is something fun each day.  There are breakfast (7:30AM - 11:30AM), and lunch (11:30AM - 1:00PM) food samplings from local favorites such Christina's Cafe, Hisa Japanese Cuisine, Creative Catering by Roche Bros., Rotary Pizza, South Street Diner, Westboro Variety and Deli, and Holy Cow Ice Cream.  On Monday 10/26, Tavolino is even doing an evening food sampling from 5:00PM to 6:00PM.  There are displays from Westborough school art and design programs, going green initiatives, and many other community organizations throughout the week.  On Saturday 10/30 they even have live music planned all morning from some of the WHS student groups. 

Central One FCU in Westborough is really trying to stand out and be part of the community.  I am impressed with every experience I have had to date and I look forward to more.  I encourage everyone to at least check out what they have in terms of services and compare them to what you currently have elsewhere.  But most of all I hope everyone gets to find out first hand the personal interest the the Central One FCU Westborough staff takes in each of their customers.  In my mind that is what really sets them apart.

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