Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kingdom Cuts Westborough

The boys were looking a little shaggy last week, but there too much going on to think about it. This week something had to be done with their hair. I decided to try to new Kingdom Cuts in Westborough. Kingdom Cuts is located at 30 Lyman, in the same strip plaza as Il Forno Italian Restaurant‎ and Profilo Day Spas. This is the second Kingdom Cuts location, the first is in Frankin. Typically we would be driving to Snip Its in Framingham, so saving the 20 min each way drive sounded good to me.

We heard from a friend last week that the Children's Orchard was giving 50% off coupons to Kingdom Cuts, but when I stopped by in Thursday they were out of coupons. Then, I was leafing through the Community Advocate newspaper I noticed a 50% off coupon for Kingdom Cuts. I dug through the newspaper recycle pile and found last weeks Community Advocate and successfully located a second 50% off coupon. I was ready to make the trip and see how they handled children's haircuts.

Details of our visit:
  • Setup - The room is fairly large and somewhat sparse at the moment.  There is a reception desk and a waiting area with several chairs.  A flat panel TV is mounted on the wall of the waiting area.  While I was waiting a Scooby Doo DVD was playing on this TV.  There is a bookshelf with children's books and a train table.  Basically enough to keep kids occupied but not so much that the owners would be spending every evening trying to put things back in order. I do however foresee a 3 year old standoff in the future when there are several people waiting and they all want the train.  Behind the waiting area there are four hair stations set up and a nails station.  There is a lot of room for other stations as well, but I expect that will come with customers and demand.  Each station has a small flat panel tv and a Playstation2.  There is a shelf of games and movies that kids can choose from when they are ready for their turn.  Both of my kids wanted to watch the same DVD and ended up in different chairs.  I can see this being touchy in the future with other kids, I was lucky and the oldest decided to choose again.
  • The Wait - I am told I was the first customer in Westborough to have to wait since they opened.  When I arrived there were two children getting haircuts and another (the brother of one in a chair) waiting for his turn.  Even so I waited less then 15 minutes for my first son to be called, and the second was called before we even started.
  • The Cut - Watching a video the kids choose worked well.  Better I feel then the annoying same song over and over at Snip Its.  I would not be surprised if they weren't open to you bringing your own DVD if there is a special one at home. The haircuts for both of my kids came out good. 
    • The oldest has lots of cowlicks, and it is difficult to cut his hair straight.  Michele did a good job between wetting and drying his hair to make sure things ended up even.  Looking at it the next day it still looks straight and sharp.
    • My youngest HATES the buzzers, but Deanna, the stylist, did a good job keeping him involved and at points just asked me to help hold him.  She was patient and calming, but she knew when to just get it done.  He actually did better at Kingdom Cuts that he has anywhere else, and his hair looks good because of it.
  • Snacks - Those who have been to Snip Its know all about the animal crackers and lollipops available for children to enjoy while getting their hair cut.  Kingdom Cuts does not have the never ending supply of animal crackers but they do have lollipops available at the end.  I always thought it was weird trying to munch on a lollipop or cookie as hair is falling about. It seemed easier to just zone into the DVD rather then eat through the haircut.
  • Prizes - There isn't a weird card machine spitting out a junk and sometimes not age appropriate prizes at Kingdom Cuts...but there are stickers.
  • Discounts and frequent visits - Kingdom Cuts provides a frequent visit card that you get stamped each time you visit.  9 stamps entitles the owner to a free cut.  Other then the coupons I found in the Community Advocate I don't know of any other discounts.  I provided my email address so we'll see if anything comes through email.
  • Hours - Kingdom Cuts is only open Tuesday - Saturday.  Westborough hours are:
    • Tuesday 10 - 5:30pm 
    • Wednesday 10 - 5:30pm 
    • Thursday 10 - 5:30pm 
    • Friday 10 - 5:30pm 
    • Saturday 9 - 3:00pm 
  • Prices - While there I heard the customer before me talking about the price difference between the Westborough store and the Franklin store, but the stylist mentioned that both would be the same soon.  I am not sure which is more or less expensive, but I grabbed a photo of the price sheet to share while I was there.  I apologize for the poor quality of my blackberry camera and of course I have no claim to these remaining the prices offered.  At the top of the list is just the haircut - $16.00 but with the coupons, it was only $8.
Overall, I am happy with the service...I am not singing from the rooftops the praises of Kingdom Cuts, but I definitely feel I received a quality service as a good price.  I look forward to saving the drive to Framingham again in he future and watching Kingdom Cuts grow in our community.  I am proud to be able to support another quality Boroughs service.

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