Friday, November 20, 2009

Follow-up on the One Stop Shop

As promised I wanted to fill people in on the One Stop Shop event this evening.  If there are any early morning blog readers the event continues tomorrow from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Lots of interesting vendors at the event tonight with items that are not available at Walmart or Target.  Here is a quick review of the highlights of the evening.
  1. Paper Confections Creations has some BEAUTIFUL note cards and stationary.  I was impressed with their display and the items they were selling.  I am not a paper note writer, so I didn't buy anything but I was tempted, they really have quality things. 

  2. I mentioned in yesterday's blog Just So Designs.  I got a few moments to talk with Sue and take a look through some of her latest work.  She continues to show her amazing skills through her photography.  She also had a series of note cards that were really nice.  My wife and I will probably be setting up a shoot for our kids at some point in the future and I'll write them again.

  3. My wife and I also noticed the dresses that was worn by the vendors for Lyn Evans.  They were pretty and very unique.  I am sure my wife will stop by their location and if I end up going with her I will of course report on our findings and experience.  I asked for the mangers card to make sure I remember to visit, BUT tonight I found a flaw in their store.  Although they claim their website is, I haven't had any success getting the site to load tonight.  Definitely not a positive attribute when people leaving the event can't log on to check out more merchandise.

  4. Now this part may only apply to me or maybe only the males out there, but the Brajamawear items...I just didn't get it.  I think the tag line is "pajamas are not just for sleeping".  Brajamawear are pajama sets with bras built in.  Now I understand that this would probably be more supportive for women, especially while wearing these pajamas around the house, but I just don't get it.  Again this could be attributed to me being male, but I know I saw the same puzzled expression from some women when they first saw them.  Just because I don't get it, don't mean anyone should discount them. I just may have lots to learn.

Overall I had a fun time, saw some interesting items, got a couple of holiday gifts out of the way...AND enjoyed a night out with free wine and cheese.  Thanks goes out to the WAJCC for putting on this event.

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