Sunday, August 22, 2010

No need for a new dress…accessories are a different story

It has been a few years since my wife and I had a wedding to attend on the calendar…most of our close friends have been married for years.  We were both excited the other weekend as one of my employees was getting married and we were invited to enjoy the celebration.  In past years this meant a trip to several stores in search of a new dress.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy a trip to White House Black Market as much as the next guy, but there were plenty of beautiful dresses in the closet that fit perfectly and with all the craziness of everyday life there didn't seem to be time for a full day of shopping.

She may have decided to not buy a new dress but that doesn't mean she didn't need new accessories.  My wife suggested we go to Jenny Boston the afternoon before the wedding so I can help pick out something that looks nice.  Unbeknownst to my wife I have been trying to stop at Jenny Boston for the past 4 months.  I have heard they have some pretty accessories and I thought a relatively inexpensive gift would be a nice random jester.  Unfortunately my schedule and Jenny Boston's were definitely not in sync so to date I had yet to set foot inside the store.   Our shopping plan could accomplish two things; acquire something for the wedding and finally I can get a look at what is in Jenny Boston. 

I was far more impressed with this little shop then I expected.  I expected a lot of jewelry that looked "cheap".  That is not what they have at all.   Jenny Boston has a lot of unique items that are beautiful and enhance the outfit.  Some are classy, some are fun, and some are odd and unusual, but we all know lots of people who are looking specifically for the odd and unusual.  A great selections of purses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories that complete the look.  On top of that there was a personal service approach that really showed the employees care about the customers.  As we walked into the little shop there were 5 others shopping at the same time.  The store is small and with three different groups of people shopping it would be easy for the sales woman (I believe her name is Eliana) to just sit and wait for purchased to be rung out.  She didn't take that approach, she asked what we were shopping for...without seeming pushy.  She asked about the event, showed genuine interest and then went collected some items that matched our initial thoughts.  Eliana excused herself to help and then ring out another customer and then returned as my wife was continuing to pile up a collect of purchases. Eliana was sweet and interested in the people shopping.  It added to a positive experience.

I was very happy, we found a perfect necklace and earrings for the wedding and enjoyed the time shopping in the store.   There are only two minor criticisms I can find with Jenny Boston.  First, for a working person like myself, the hours are limited during the week, no way to commute back from Cambridge before they are closed.  The Westborough store is open 10-5 Tuesday through Friday and 10-4 on Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday.  To accomplish my random gift I would have to stop in on a Saturday and that definitely would draw questions.  Second is less of a criticism and more a commentary on how great the stuff is…although I only intended on getting a new necklace for my wife for the wedding, we left with a new necklace, earrings, a bracelet, and two purses.  Our no need for a new dress turned into a fair amount of shopping.  So those who are budget conscience Jenny Boston only works if you don't buy 7 or 8 things.  :-) In our case it was all worth it, she looked beautiful at the wedding, and I know she will wear it all many more times.

I think I'll wait awhile for the random jester but I do intend on returning to Jenny Boston in Westborough the next time I need a jewelry gift or great accessory.  Everything is very affordable...if you don't buy everything.

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