Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playgound Camp Rules!

Back in March, while my wife and I were away for the weekend, my mother was nice enough to stand in line early Saturday morning to sign up my boys for the summer camps offered thorough the town.  We looked at summer camps last year but decided to skip the town programs as our youngest missed the cut off age and we didn't want to send them two places.

This year we were excited to try out these programs, both boys would have a chance to meet more local friends and we expected a great program from the town.  The Playgound Camp is definitely a win.

I honestly didn't expect much from the camp, maybe some organized games, time to run around on the playground...overall just activity for the three hours each morning.  As I said the biggest reason for us participating in the camp was for my oldest to meet new friends.  He starts at Fales in the Fall so it was a perfect match.  We also intentionally separated them so they couldn't rely on each other to play with and met new friends.   This program has definitely exceeded my expectations and I am so happy to have the boys in it.  Here are some reason:
  • Fun - The counselors seem great, they are engaged with the kids, there are activities each day and both of my boys are excited to go in the morning and eager to talk about all the fun they had when they come home.  When I drop them off they seem excited to see him and interact.
  • Organized - I am confident the kids are being watched.  There are plenty of counselors and they are very organized, knowing who is there, what the kids are doing.  As a parent it is nice when you can walk away and have confidence that your children are being watched.
  • More then Just Play - The other two points are important but a little expected.  This it what really puts it over the top for me, the camp is much more then just playing on the playground.  On Wednesday this week there was a talent show.  My oldest talked about the night before and planned out a dance.  I wasn't sure if it was really a talent show or not, but on Wednesday I heard the full report of how he got up in front of everyone and did his dance.  1, awesome that it is something different. 2, even more awesome that they are encouraging the kids to be in front of an audience.  Every chance I get I put my kids in front of a crowd so they are less likely to be afraid of it later in life.  Capping off the week, they are doing tie dye.  I decided to send him with socks and a new pair of boxers.  Everyone gets to do shirts, this way he can have more fun things to wear.
If you missed this year I suggest you sign up early next year for playground camp.  Registration is usually in March and you can get details from the Recreation Department Website.  They claim to have a Facebook page, but it appears to just be a person.  Anyway, this program is worth the money and the kids will have a blast.  We have some other activities planned this summer with Westborough Recreation as well and I hope they are this great. 

I want to try other programs in the greater Boroughs...I am specifically looking at the Northborough Recreation Department.  I ended up on their mailing list and the number of programs and activities that they run is astounding.  And for the summer programs..."Non-residents are welcome to join any program at no additional fee!"  I enjoyed the big trucks earlier this spring and I am still looking at options from their brochure.  I will say the Northborough Recreation website is far better then Westborough's.  We should work on that.  :-)

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  1. I am super impressed with the Northboro Rec department. They are so organized, have numerous activities for all ages and many events for the whole family to enjoy. Glad to see "out of towners" enjoying the Nboro Rec Dept!