Sunday, February 28, 2010


When I started this blog last year I expected to find several other local bloggers writing about the area and keeping in touch with the local community.  I figured I was late to the blogging party, but the reality is there are only a handful of local bloggers in this area.  I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of them.  They have really good information and a personal view our towns.  I may not always agree but I always prefer to hear someone else's thoughts rather then marketing speak.   I do occasionally check out some of the Metrowest blogs, but for me, the Boroughs are not the Metrowest.  we have our own area, with unique communities and focuses.  Here are the Boroughs Area Blogs:

At the top of the list -  If you haven't already read this one you are missing out. This blog is amazing.  So much information and constantly updated.  And not exclusively Southborough.  Just like the Boroughs Review,  there seems to be a blurring of the geographic lines.  The blog is written by Susan Fitzgerald.

I am amazed at how on top of the area Susan is.  She knows what events are coming up, she talks to public officials about the town, and she obviously cares about the community and how things are going.  I am occasionally jealous (not in a bad way) of her insight and connections.  I am just happy ot benefit from her dedication and hard work.  In discussions I have had with other community members, MySouthborough always comes up as the best site to visit.  MySouthborough is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Moving through the Boroughs lets visit  NorthboroNews is a great collective blog.  Several wirters and user submitted information.  Kim Henderson-Lee does a great job as editor and moderator.  When I was researching locations for my sledding review Northboro news helped point out a couple that I had missed.  Northboro New is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Several times I stumbled onto  This site has amazing photo journalism.  Some of the shots Chris Wright and Linda Hubley have are astounding.  So beautiful and amble to capture the moment story though a photo.  There is a lot of information on, but I sometimes feel the words miss the personal relationship with the subjects.  The photos however never seem to.  Honestly I don't really read Southboroughnews as much as I read mysouthborough.  Maybe it is style or some weird website design preference, but I prefer writing with a personal touch.

Recently I started reading The Greater Grafton Blog and I have really enjoyed it.  A great personal touch and the author also works for the Grafton Times so there is a ton of information with that personal touch.  I don't have much more to say on this one yet, I found the blog as I was following the vote for the new school.  Looking through some of the old posts it has a nice flare so I will watch for awhile and hopefully continue to enjoy.

One other "blog" that I often check is only on Facebook.  The group "Southborough, MA" often catches and publishes a lot of the interesting things going on in the area.  There were tons of updates with Adam Sandler was filming in Southborough and even ways to be an extra.  Social media is the way now and Facebook is so easy to keep people updated.

It is impressive to see this local talent writing about our area.  I commend all of these and the countless other blogs out there on their efforts to contribute to the information available to others.  Reading about our area through the eyes of our neighbors brings us all closer as a community.  I for one am proud to be part of this community.


  1. I LOVE I like your Boroughs Review as well, but they are different types of blogs. MySouthborough is so informative, and updated so often.


  2. Wow! Thanks for such a kind review. I love that more and more people are making their local (real-world) communities a priority in their online worlds. Your site is a great addition!